To be present with people is enough; to embrace their bodies and psyches just as they are.  People change when they are received in this way.

During cancer treatment and the recovery period, which may be a year or more, the body needs all of its resources to heal.  Massage is given to provide comfort and support during the process of diagnosis, treatment and beyond.  Perhaps more than any other group of practitioners, touch therapists understand the connection between psyche and soma — that which assaults the body, also assaults the emotions.  When receiving touch therapy, cancer patients require individual adjustments, with modifications that might change from week to week.  The importance of recognizing and understanding the many side effects caused by chemotherapy, radiation and surgery is paramount.  Therefore, the massage therapist who is treating a cancer person, either with a history or currently, must be formally trained in oncology techniques of massage.

The person affected by cancer treatment needs the restorative action of the parasympathetic response, which slows heart rate, dilates blood vessels, and increases intestinal peristalsis and gland activity. Long, slow, undemanding strokes such as effleurage initiate these rejuvenating, parasympathetic reactions.

Other benefits of oncology massage include:

  • increased blood circulation

  •  increased immune system function

  •  pain reduction

  •  relief of anxiety

  • reducing fatigue

  • deep relaxation

  • better sleep

  • reducing nausea 

  • produces a sense of well-being and worth

  • relieves peripheral neuropathy symptoms

Massage, given with care, has the capacity to open hearts, create wholeness, and change lives.


Leonie has been an integral part of my life for the last twelve years. I credit her incredible healing skills with navigating me through some of my biggest life challenges: chronic pain, lupus and cancer. In the aftermath of a double-mastectomy and resulting lymphodema, Leonie calmly, and with much reassurance, helped me put the the pieces literally back together again. She is a beautiful soul who I am fortunate beyond words to have found.
—J. Hefner 

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