Along with the exciting news that you are pregnant, your body is also about to undergo stress-producing changes. Some of the consequences of these changes can leave a woman feeling sore and tired.  Massage is a great way to relieve this discomfort through the positive effects of soft tissue manipulation. The benefits of massage can be received during all three trimesters of pregnancy.  The release of endorphins during treatment promotes relaxation, stress relief, energy boosting and mind/body connection. Additional specific benefits include:

  • Relief from muscle cramps

  • Reduction of swelling

  • Relief from pain especially in the lower back, neck, shoulders, hips and legs

  •  Preparation of muscles and joints for labor and birth


Labor Focus Massage is a relaxing massage combined with therapeutic and remedial techniques, beautiful essential oils and acupressure applied to specific points of the body linked to the preparation of the body for labor. The power of mind/ body connection is very much under-rated.  As with normal massage, labor focus massage helps to relax and calm your body.  With the easing of tension, a clear and grounded space is created which allows the mind to recognize that the body is ready to go into labor. A good labor focus massage can help elevate the natural levels of endorphins (your healing and calming hormones).  Oxytocin is the hormone the body produces when relaxed and happy, in love and making love. When you are ready to birth your baby, it is also the hormone responsible for the intense bonding of mother and baby immediately following birth as well as the release of the placenta.


The postpartum period can be a challenging time for a new mother as she adjusts physically and emotionally. Massage offers a nurturing way to restore health and wellness.  Benefits include:

  • Restoring your body to its pre-pregnancy condition

  • Facilitating the healing of a cesarean section birth

  • Improved circulation throughout the body

  • Encouraging the flow of the lymphatic system and the elimination of toxins

  • Calming of the nervous system, producing relaxation and the release of endorphins

  • Defines the shapes and contours of your body to bring a renewed sense of body image and self-esteem

  • Relieves emotional and physical stress that is often a result from being sleep deprive

  • Eases muscle aches and pains that result from nursing and carrying your newborn

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